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The Mysterious Door

My first published comic is about a story that takes place a long time ago, when rabbits could still talk and lived in a remote high mountain valley. The king of these rabbits had a gigantic palace built to safely store all his treasures. However, the architect and builder of the palace dies shortly before the inauguration and the only palace door is locked. To find someone who can open the door, the king offers a high reward. This attracts several dubious and dark figures who try to open the mysterious door using astonishing and perplexing methods. Will anyone be able to open the door before the king's desperation grows immeasurably? In the end, can only a miracle help?

You can purchase this comic in English language at, Google Play Books, Apple Books, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Casa del Libro, fnac, XinXii and many more.

ISBN-13: 9783969316184

Available download formats for this eBook: PDF (Portable Document Format), ePub (eBook Format) and Mobi (for Kindle Reader).

Of course, I would be very happy about a positive review.

Cover - The Mysterious Door
Figure: Cover - The Mysterious Door

Deadly water

My next comic will be focused on a conflict with the water supply in a rabbit colony.
This comic is scheduled to be published before the end of 2024.


This short comic (only in German language available) is only 4 pages long. It has already been published in the anthology “Chaos“ by the print shop “Wir machen Druck“. If you are interested, feel free to download the complete anthology (11.8 MB) or only the short comic in print quality from my download page.